Click the "Stress" button to get rid of it. 

Do you stress yourself thinking, "I should give up smoking," convince yourself you deserve this pleasure, and then stress yourself all over again? This is the double message.

- Habits are like those buttons - this book shows how to break the cycle. -

How often have you heard an ex-smoker say it was a question of deciding to quit? Owning the "want" generates the commitment that makes anything possible.

Quitting out of self- insult and self-punishment contains the seeds of your own undoing.

You feel bad for smoking, smoking helps you feel better so you smoke again, feel bad again, and so the cycle renews. But smokers do become nonsmokers.

The concepts apply to more than smoking. It's a guide on how to create the commitment necessary to change any habit.

ISBN 0-9771467-0-7


All techniques have their merits. But until an individual makes the commitment to change, no technique will work. It's a cliche, but change does come from within.

Commitment is not the same as simple will power. The former involves a change in attitude and conviction, the later continues the internal arm wrestling.

Smoke and Mirrors is a mirror for the reader--or group participant--to gap the space between thinking about it and making that commitment.

Nonjudgmental deep self-examination begins the necessary commitment.



Mirrors can trick. But mirrors can also reveal. Examining your smoking habit can ferret out how, when, and where you delude yourself.

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